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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Phpfox mods

Phpfox mods

PhpFox Plugins||PhpFox Installation - 40 views

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started by Phpfox mods on 17 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Phpfox mods
    We ( have been developing ample of modules / mods for PHPFOX versions.
    It is very easy to use our modules in the PHPFOX versions. We have elite resources to develop the modules for php fox. We can see our products in And we are providing obvious installation guide for every modules, which will help you to install in to your software. By this way you can promote your current one with more number of innovative modules.
    About some of our mods.
    * FCK Editor for Blogs
    Product Information
    Fill your blog with rich text, images, styles etc...
    This mod will replace the text area of Blog to a WYSIWYG editor called FCK Editor.
    By using the editor you can enter rich text with styles like bold, italic, underlined text.
    You can perform activities like setting the style for the text, create bullet text, and
    background colour for text.
    Upload images and display in the document and may more feature.
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