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amateur_82 giannis

Synchronization of highlighted bookmarks in different workstations - 36 views

server error resolved
  • amateur_82 giannis
    Hi and thanks for the reply,

    The texts that I highlight when I work on laptop computer are not visible when I work on other pc stations.

    The only annotations that are visible are those that I have used the option "add sticky notes".

    My intention is just to highlight texts when I am working in one station and then I don't need to highlight them again when I work on another station.

    Is there any idea how can I overcome this? Or what settings should I check?

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  • amateur_82 giannis
    > At all computers, are you logged in to Diigo as amateur_82 ?

    Yes, I have only one account and I am always logged in as amateur_82.

    Is there any other idea what might cause this issue?
  • amateur_82 giannis
    Thanks for your time

    "All annotations" is set to the tab "this URL".

    Is there any other idea, what might cause this?
  • amateur_82 giannis
    > Please offer the URL of an affected bookmark.

    Well, as I notice it more carefully now, this occurs only in bookmarks that while highlighting we received a message "error while saving on server" or something like that
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