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Melissa Ochsner

Tagroll Code Question - 17 views

tagroll code div div class

started by Melissa Ochsner on 14 Apr 11
  • Melissa Ochsner
    Can anyone tell me what styles are used for these tags?

    < div class = "diigo-tags" >
  • sandy_diigo
    diigo-tags{font-family:arial,sans-serif}.diigo-tags a img{border:0;display:inline;margin:0 0 0 3px;padding:0}.diigo-tags a{text-decoration:none}.diigo-tags a:hover{text-decoration:underline}.diigo-tags ul{list-style-type:none;margin:0;padding:0; text-align:justify}.diigo-cloud li{display:inline;text-align:justify;background-image:none !important;padding:0;margin:0}.diigo-cloud .diigo-tag-count{padding-left:0.2em;font-size:11px}.diigo-cloud li:before{content:"" !important}
  • Melissa Ochsner

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