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Diigo Outliners Tagging feedback

started by abueno1 on 19 Oct 16
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  • abueno1
    Library and Outliner form competing organising principles. It's confusing, because the user is easily going to forget: how did I organise this, did I tag it? Or did I make a bullet point in an outliner? And because changes in Outliners are not reflected in the Library you end up with a double administration, which is never good.
    In diigo Outliners view I cannot edit the description or Title of a bookmark entry in my Library. I do get the oportunity to edit the title of a bookmark within the Outliner, and I can convert the description to a bulletpoint and also edit that within outliners. But these changes are NOT reflected in the library. So with Outliners diigo is giving me a parallel organising system, based on different organisation principles, that is not connected to the library.
    If you ask me, that is pretty horrific. I much prefer the former Lists feature which was simply a way to manually structure your bookmarks within your library. I would LOVE to see that feature reinstated.
    There are also navigation peculiarities: from a Bookmark in the Library I can get into the Outliner with one click, but not the other way around. If I'm in the Outliner window and I'd like to edit the description of a bookmark, the outliner view doesn't let me go back to the original bookmark entry. A quite basic interface requirement: you got me from a to b, let me get back to a if I want to. I'd expect an option for each link to do that.
    I would also expect that the left pointing arrow in the upper left screen of the outliner window would bring me back from where I came from (the library), but no, it brings me to an overview of other outliners. Why would I want to be there? That is guarantee for getting off topic and distracted.

    On creating an outliner Diigo offers me to order the items by tags. That is not allways useful when multiple tags were used, for instance when, like me, you use a 'modular' tagging system, with different combinations of simple tags (e.g: language, England, cuisine, Thailand, government, etc).
    After this original 'ordering by tags' that happens on creating the outliner, i would still like to have access to my tagging in outliner mode, (other than the possibility to check used tags for each link, one by one). Maybe a way to achieve this would be to show an overview of all used tags at the top of the outliner. toggling tags on/off would then act as a filter on the shown bulletpoints/links.
    Also a possibility to revise tags in Outliner mode would be nescessary

    I keep trying to find the advantages of making a Diigo Outliner for a project. How does it compare to simply creating a Word document, writing some notes there and copy to it links that I stored in my Diigo library? In Word I would be able to use bulletlists and indented sublists, just as I can in Outliner view. I could also copy the highlights together with the links, to the Word document. Making notes in Word would give me all the editing advantages a full word processor has, instead of clunky behaviour like what you get when trying to remove a link in Outliners. The only reason I can think of to have such an option (to combine notes with links and order them manually) integrated within Diigo, is when library and outliner would have been connected and edits were reflected mutually, but since they aren't, what is really the advantage of Outliners?
    Okay, I would miss the opportuniy to see the highlights of my bookmarks by hovering, but else?
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  • abueno1
    One other suggestion to improve the link between Outliner and Library: Make the left pointing arrow in the upper left op the screen bring me to the Library page, and let it show a subset of only the bookmarks that are present in the Outliner, and in the same order.
    That way we'd have a lot of the functionality of the former Lists-feature back, mostly the possibility to (bulk) edit the bookmarks.
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