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started by anonymous on 09 Aug 10
  • anonymous
    Simple. Search doesn't work and hasn't since I joined. I thought it would take some time for my bookmarks to be indexed but it looks to be just broken. For example I have several bookmarks with "Joomla" in the title or text, yet a search for Joomla in my library yields 0 results. This is the same across the board.
  • anonymous
    Thanks Sandy. I guess I joined a week ago (seems like longer!) so hopefully it won't take too much longer for the system to catch up, I can't wait to start using Diigo! :)
  • Michael GDB
    ah so - lousy 'search' [zero results when i know there are items] is due to system being behind ? not. / unless it's behind by a long, long time / every time i've tried search it does not work - does not give me results that i know are tagged /

    so Sandy - why have you not addresses any of my issues at all ?? why ignoring them ?
  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: Search just doesn't work

    Michael GDB wrote:

    > my issues

    There's the topic that you began (2010-08-05),
    diigo frustrations
    (some of which are not search-related)
    plus the contributions to other items …

    > why have you not addresses any of my issues at all ??
    > why ignoring them ?

    I doubt that things are ignored. Please be patient.

    Please enable e-mail subscription for (2010-08-02)
    Who is Diigo team / employees / people ?

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