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Graham Perrin

problems with New York Times and Diigolet 4.0b14 - 11 views

bug gpd4 Diigolet 4.0b14

started by Graham Perrin on 27 May 10
  • Graham Perrin
    Problems noted whilst working with
    and I guess that other NYT (New York Times) pages are similarly affected.

    Question marks in lieu of contextual menu

    Double-clicking a word to select, and some other types of selection, cause a question mark to appear instead of the contextual menu of Diigolet.

    I guess that the question mark stuff is served by New York Times.

    Highlights may not appear

    Some highlights do not appear at time of highlighting.

    The workaround may be:

    1. reload the page
    2. reload Diigolet.

    Highlighted and adjacent text may shrink or disappear

    This is the greatest problem. Following a highlight, whether or not the highlight appears, areas of text may shrink or disappear. Workaround is probably the two steps suggested above.

    Screen shots

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