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Please tell me what are the API request limits - 89 views

API limit throttle requests

started by anonymous on 19 Aug 11
  • anonymous
    I've implemented the Diigo API for my Mac app. To test it, I tried uploading 1500 bookmarks. After, oh, 150 or so, Diigo returned HTTP Status Code 400 (Bad request), and the receive data was a JSON object consisting of a "message" which was "API Limit Exceeded. IP limit reached. Next reset at 2011-08-19 22:48:31 UTC".

    Obviously, I've been throttled. Of course, I'd like to throttle my app to stay below Diigo's threshold instead, so that this will not happen to real users. I've set various throttling limits for other API and have quite a few parameters available :) What are the throttling threshold(s) on Diigo API usage?

    Thank you!

    Jerry Krinock
  • sandy_diigo
    1 item/s/per API key for writing.
  • anonymous
    Thank you, Sandy. I presume that "s" is seconds, so you mean one item per second per API key.

    The app that I'm building is already built; it's a native bookmarks management application for Mac OS X. It is currently able to sync bookmarks with browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Camino, OmniWeb, iCab, etc., and with the web services Delicious, Google Bookmarks, and Pinboard. Several users have requested capability to sync with Diigo. I am adding that.

    I had registered an API key for the app, on my Diigo account, and had hard-coded it into the app for all users. However after reading your reply I think that this was incorrect, because if one user in, say, Paris France hit the limit and was banned for an hour, this would affect all users of my app. So maybe I need to require each user to get their own API key. But then it is funny that I am able to use the API key which I obtained on one Diigo account on other Diigo accounts, and it works. Should each user get their own API key?

    Also, regarding the limit - Since my app keeps a local copy of the Diigo bookmarks, if they add say 1 bookmark there will only be one request, and most of the time the limit is not a problem. However, new users may upload all of their bookmarks at once, and this is where the limit becomes significant. I had throttled my app to upload at one item every 1.5 seconds, which is only 0.67 items per second. However, after beginning a continuous upload, I always get the following error after about 150 items (3-4 minutes). I think there is another limit on the number of items that may be written per hour?


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