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edtechdiva x

One-Click Icon isn't red - 29 views

bug Firefox resolved duplicate

started by edtechdiva x on 27 Dec 09
  • edtechdiva x
    On Firefox on my PC if I visit a website I've already bookmarked my 'one-click' book icon in the toolbar is red. However, I noticed that this is not the case in Firefox on my Mac. I checked by specifically visiting a website I bookmarked a couple of days ago.

    Has anyone encountered this problem? Is there something that I am not doing correctly?

    Thanks a bunch!
  • Yoni Blumberg
    I believe when I ran into this problem it was because those bookmarks were private but now even if they are it works for me on my mac in FF so I'm not sure what to tell you...
  • edtechdiva x
    Thanks Yoni. The thing is, all of these bookmarks are in my account. I will try to change all my bookmarks to 'public' and see if that fixes the problem.

    And now my PC at school is exhibiting the same odd behavior.

    As a teacher I'm bookmarking left and right and hate having duplicate bookmarks.

    Do you know of any way that you can check for duplicate bookmarks in your Diigo account?
  • Yoni Blumberg
    No I don't know off the top of my head. I did have this problem but I'm not sure what I did to make it go away... I think before it was just not showing when they were private but now it does... so I don't know what is different for you. I also know that now when I bookmark something a second time, I THINK it overwrites the old bookmark and just moves it to the top of my library (chronologically)

    Sorry not to be more help. Perhaps the activity on this post will draw more attention from a more knowledgeable user who can be of more assistance. Good luck!
  • Graham Perrin
    This topic seems to be a duplicate. Please enable e-mail notification for (2009-11-22).


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