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Kala Parva

Linkroll not functioning - 34 views

Linkroll Tags Error

started by Kala Parva on 16 May 11
  • Kala Parva
    Any new bookmarks with a specific tag updated today is not appearing. However all those done in the past with the same tag seem to show. Please help.
  • Melissa Ochsner
    This is also happening for me. The tags appear in my account but not in my tagroll.
  • Kala Parva
    I hope this gets resolved at the earliest. I am at this moment resorting to synched Delicious linkroll. It is not a preferred choice.
  • Kala Parva
    Could someone from Diigo kindly respond if this is a bug or something specific to my instance?
  • sandy_diigo
    Can you please advise the specific tag so that we can further look into this issue?
  • Kala Parva
    Dear Sandy - It is happening with all tags (such as Events, Tumbles in my case). Any bookmark updated since yesterday morning IST have not been appearing on filtering by tag. But these bookmarks are very much there in the system. Appreciate your help. Regards Santosh
  • Melissa Ochsner

    For me I've add some new bookmarks - tagged them as "Inventors", but they are not showing up:

    Here's the link:

    Although, they do show up when I go to "MY Library"
  • sandy_diigo
    Sorry for any inconvenience you met with. Our servers have experienced a temporary glitch. Your tags have been indexed. Please check it again.
  • Kala Parva
    Dear Sandy,

    Thank you and the Diigo team for the quick response. It works fine now.


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