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Graham Perrin

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started by Graham Perrin on 02 Oct 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Not urgent, an edge case:

    For the first time, since beginning to plough through/review this forum using Diigo 4.0 beta, I'm unable to find something that I think I wrote.

    AFAIR the topic, a few months ago, related to Diigolet and the public's misperception of the 'Comment' button. (Simply, people don't know to click the button - or worse, they actively ignore the button because they don't wish to get involved with an unfamiliar system of communication.)

    More specifically: I vaguely recall suggesting that in lieu of the comments palette - which will not appear unless the viewer clicks the button - there might be an overlay that appears by default and fades away slowly over a few seconds. Something like that.

    I tried wildcard searches for words such as fade, shade, opaque and transparency e.g.*****
    but none find the topic that I remember.

    Maybe a problem with my memory, or a glitch with an index of a group database, or … 

    Postscript, note to self: when I find the post it will relate to at least and
  • Graham Perrin
    Maybe a temporary problem with index/search.* fails to find this topic.

    I'll review in a few days' time.
  • Graham Perrin
    Another topic that I can't find, I recall reporting that an import from around 2008-09-02 (last year) possibly never occurred, or was incomplete. Searching this group for likely words, I can't find that topic.

    Note to self: today in PT's account we found only 60 bookmarks (almost certainly less than there should have been following last year's import), installed version 4.0.2 for Internet Explorer (upgraded from a previous version that I didn't check the number of), imported 53 from Internet Explorer 6.x, found 113 in her library very shortly afterwards.
  • Graham Perrin
    > a topic that discussed
    > striped, stripes or stripey

    The word was in fact pinstripe and the topic is found :)* still fails to find this topic, etc. so I leave this topic open for review in due course.


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