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Hans De Keulenaer

full text search on cached pages - 36 views


started by Hans De Keulenaer on 12 May 12
  • Hans De Keulenaer
    Diigo search works well on bookmarks, but only searches on urls, titles, annotations and comments. A full text search on the underlying pdf or webpage that is cached for premium users would be a very powerful feature, making diigo even more relevant for knowledge management. Thanks for your consideration.
  • sandy_diigo
    A full text search on the webpage is already available. FYI,
    Please click on the "included cached pages in search". As for search on the underlying pdf, we are working on this feature.It will be available some time later.
  • Hans De Keulenaer
    Great. Thanks for pointing this out. And looking forward to the pdf search.

    By the way, great search operators for the advanced search feature as well.

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