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feature requests

started by kjakich on 02 Dec 11
  • kjakich
    Feature request:
    Well its more of a general request.
    I have moved from Delicious to Diigo because delicious largely stopped working for me.

    The Delicious bookmark sidebar offered a MUCH superior experience due to it sychronising with the local machine.
    I would love to see some of the Delicious features replicated:
    1 spilt bar into results:tags and results:bookmarks when searching
    1 allow multi-tag filtering (filter by tag a, drill-down by tag b)
    2 Cursor snap to sidebar search bar as soon as it opens (ctrl+b)
    3 right-click on a bookmark to reveal options

    Another idea: fall-back when other apps are using crtl+b (eg making items bold on Google Docs)

    thanks, love your work!

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