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Lauren Wolter

Diigolet not working after installed - 132 views

Firefox Mac OS X

started by Lauren Wolter on 05 Aug 11
  • Lauren Wolter
    I used the drag-and-drop to install Diigolet to my Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox on my Mac. It does appear in the toolbar with my other bookmarked items, but nothing happens when I click on it; in other words, the options do not show up. Is there something I can do about this? Thanks.
  • Lisa Scott
    I am having the same problem (both Firefox and Safari for Mac). I am a teacher and signed in with a student account to test installing Diigolet. The button appears on the toolbar, but the Diigolet itself will not appear. Oddly, when I delete the Diigolet, clear cache, and sign in with my teacher account, I am able to install Diigolet and it works correctly.

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