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Mark Ordonez

Delicious Import - Long Wait - 37 views

delicious import

started by Mark Ordonez on 06 Apr 11
  • Mark Ordonez
    I've been waiting for my delicious bookmarks to import for a few weeks now. I've also waited quite a while already for a response from diigo after I used the contact form to inquire about my import request.

    Whether it is importing delicious bookmarks or replying to contact form inquiries, is the turnaround time days, weeks, months or never? Is there any place where we can even see the status of an import request or an inquiry?
  • sandy_diigo
    Having checked in our database,there is no record of your imports.
    Can you please import bookmarks from delicious again?
  • Mark Ordonez
    OK, I just uploaded my delicious bookmarks file.
  • Mark Ordonez
    Update: It's been about a week since I uploaded my bookmarks file, and I still have yet to see my bookmarks appear in diigo. I have received no confirmation that anything has happened, except for the confirmation page after I uploaded my bookmarks file.
  • Mark Ordonez
    It's been almost another week, and not only are my bookmarks still missing from Diigo, nobody can tell me what the status of the import is.
  • sandy_diigo
    I am looking into this issue.
  • Mark Ordonez
    Thank you! It looks like my bookmarks have imported now.

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