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Hannah Reeves

Changing Group Ownership - 18 views

changing group ownership co-ownership of

started by Hannah Reeves on 09 Sep 10
  • Hannah Reeves
    Hi, I see a previous thread on this but had hoped that a new feature had been developed to allow someone to make another person an owner of a group. Here is my scenario - I created a group on behalf of a medical professor who will be using the group in his Intro to Clinical Reasoning course with med school students. I made the prof the owner but now need to add 200 students manually, so I signed up for an educator's account which I understand makes this easier to administer, but now I'm not able to see the group in my list of groups because I no longer technically own it and don't see a way to make myself a co-owner or to revert ownership back to me for the sake of adding students. Is there any easy way to do this? Should the new owner be able to appoint me owner on his end so that I can add students and then turn ownership back to him? Thanks

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