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Alex Halavais

Cannot post public sticky note - 45 views

sticky note bug public Firefox

started by Alex Halavais on 10 Jul 09
  • Alex Halavais
    Am unable to post a public note. The option is not available to me, and a message indicating I need two friends is in the comment field. This is true on any page. I have more than two friends.

    Can do private and group sticky notes without a problem.

    I'm using the Firefox plugin (v
  • Graham Perrin
    When you try to stick a note to your highlights at do you see the Public option in the menu?

  • Graham Perrin
    If you disable the extension and use Diigolet, does the problem persist?

    Judging from the screen shot (thanks) you may encounter the same problem, but it's worth a try.
  • Alex Halavais
    Have a meeting, but will try later today...

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