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Claude Almansi

Cached version -> Error message - 44 views

cache error load performance vertical line 007C 7C URL bug

started by Claude Almansi on 26 Jan 09
  • Claude Almansi

    In each Diigo bookmark, there is a "cached" link. At times it works: for instance, I bookmarked and the cached version works.

    But at times the link to the cached version gives an error message. Example:
    For the bookmark of|0, the theoretically cached version gives an error message that says: "The system cannot find the path specified."

    Is it because it takes a while to make the cached version (my 2nd example was bookmarked only 1 hour ago)?

    Thank you in advance for your answer

  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: vertical line, Unicode 007C (UTF 7C) in URLs

    @ Claude

    Focusing on the
    tail of the URL that we bookmark:

    fails with

    > The system cannot find the path specified
    fails with an error that is more familiar.

    At (a multi-subject topic, which I treat as closed) Diigo advise that there will be

    >> more computation power soon

    - so there may be two aspects to this topic.

    @ Diigo

    Do we have issues with vertical line, Unicode 007C (UTF 7C) in URLs?

  • Graham Perrin
    @ Claude

    Whilst I don't know Ruby on Rails, I do know that in fora we have problems with misrepresentation of URLs.

    For example the hyper-link presented for|0
    may omit the vertical line and everything beyond.

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