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Black Looks

Auto Blog post - 54 views

#1503 Auto_blog_post

started by Black Looks on 27 Sep 12
  • sandy_diigo
    What is the blog platform you use? Having checked just now, you do not add any blog platforms successfully. It works fine for me whether on blogger or wordpress. Do you follow these instructions strictly? Note:please select the blog when you choose to "add a new job".
  • sandy_diigo
    We have fixed this bug several months ago. The problem most likely is caused by your wrong workflow. Can you please send your blog URL and temporary password to I will help you create the job.
  • mcduff
    I'm having the exact same problem. Hosted on Have put in all the info according to the various workarounds on the Diigo site and still can't stop getting 1503 errors.

    Is there no way to set up the blog for autoposting without having to give Diigo access to my account?
  • Black Looks
    @ sandi_diigo - can you screen shot the correct workflow for this?

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