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Add multiple bookmarks in one API request to avoid throttling? - 48 views


started by anonymous on 20 Aug 11
  • anonymous
    It seems that Diigo's API is throttled so that the user is banned for the remainder of the hour if they attempt more than 150 HTTP POST requests during an hour. (I've asked for more detail on this in the previous thread.) Anyhow, since, according to the API documentation, adding a bookmark requires an HTTP POST, and since the typical user has a couple thousand bookmarks, this will take the better part of a day to upload all of their bookmarks to Diigo via the API. Users won't like that.

    However, when using the API and reading the documentation I get the feeling that there may be other features of the API which are not documented. I'm wondering if there is a way to upload multiple bookmarks in a single HTTP request?


    Jerry Krinock
  • sandy_diigo
    There is not yet a way to add multiple bookmarks in one API request. You can import bookmark file to diigo
    in this case. What kind of application are you building?
  • anonymous
    Thank you, Sandy. I've answered your question in another thread, where it is more relevant…

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