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Sue Cifelli

Brazilian bishop says Church did not encourage missing priest to take balloon flight - 0 views

    Brazilian bishop says Church did not encourage missing priest to take balloon flight Rio de Janeiro, Apr 26, 2008 / 10:59 am (CNA).- Bishop Joao Alves Dos Santos of Paranagua said this week the Church warned Father Adelir de Carli, who disappeared last Sunday, against the dangers of taking a balloon flight. The 41 year-old priest was hoping to break a balloon flight record in order to raise money for a spiritual rest stop for truck drivers. Although he said he was prepared for the journey, he went missing a few hours after he began his flight and he has still not been found. Rescue efforts by the Brazilian Air Force were suspended on Thursday, but the priest's family is persisting in the search with the help of a rented twin engine plane. Bishop Dos Santos had joined in the now suspended search effort and said he is praying for the wellbeing of the priest. According to the bishop, the Church did not encourage Father De Carli to take the flight. "We respected his decision but we advised against the trip because it was dangerous," he said.
Daniel Gauthier

Valtorta Publishing - 9 views

    Dan - condemned as heretical.
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    The book collection or some group that is linked to the page?
    Sue, Did the search and the first one on the list was this one: You will note at the end a few highlighted texts. One of most importance. Fr. Gabriel Roschini's comments. He was Pontifical Theologian to Pie XII. BTW, Maria Valtorta's writings have never been officially condemned by the Church.
    Sue, I wanted to apologize for an incorrect statement on my behalf. Yes, Valtorta's writings were set to the "index" at one time but that is no longer an issue. In fact, you no longer need an "imprimatur" to publish any writing. Valtorta's writings do not contradict or take away anything from the "official" versions of Holy Scriptures. Much like Agreda and Catherine Emmerich's. BTW, Saint Faustina's writings were on that "index" list at one time too. Pope John Paul's canonization made it "okay" once and for all i guess.
    Many thanks, Dan. It would be very helpful if we could receive a clear declaration from the Church about Maria's writings. I do recall reading that early on, St. Faustina's writings were on "the list." I'm hesitant to rad anything by Maria or encourage others to do so until the matter is cleared up. abundant blessings, sue
    Pope John Paul II beatified a biblical the scholar (apparently the only one), Father Gabriel Allegra who was into Valtorta's writings. If this Pope's canonization of Sister Faustina is intented as an implicit approval of her writings then we should be not be able to apply the same principle to Father Gabriel's recent beatification?
    Dan, I can't offer an opinion on this that would have any merit. I'm not a theological scholar - simply an apostolate administrator. Having said that, it seems to me that a determination on this matter would be a bit more involved than that. Blessings, Sue
Karsten Nordmo

LibriVox: G.K. Chesterton MP3s - 0 views

    G.K. Chesterton Audio
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