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    If You Can't Speak Al-English . . ., Comcast Will Open an Arabic Service Center; How Many Defrauded Immigration? By Debbie Schlussel So, you're a Muslim in America, living in America's own little satellite of Hezbollah stronghold Bint Jbeil, Lebanon a/k/a Dearbornistan. And while you live here--legally or otherwise--you simply haven't taken it upon yourself to learn English. Well, if you're like the rest of its customers having repeated problems with Comcast cable "service," you'll no longer have to worry. You can press ithnan ["two" in Arabic]--or, maybe, wahed ["one"]--for Arabic. muslimphonejockey.jpg Dearborn Hezbo Call Center: As-Salaam Aleikum from Comcast I have some questions about this, such as why these people don't speak English and how they're able to stay here if they don't. You must take the citizenship test in English in order to become a U.S. citizen. The only exception is if you're mentally incompetent. So, how many of these uni-lingual, Arabic-only people are U.S. citizens, and whom did they pay off to either give them the answers to the citizenship test, let them skip it, and/or declare them "mentally incompetent"?: In response to a burgeoning demand from the Arab-American community, Comcast is opening its first bilingual service center today to serve its Arabic speaking customers. At 5070 Schaefer, just north of Michigan Avenue, the 3,360-square-foot office is aimed at serving a population that relies on Internet and digital voice functions to communicate with relatives and conduct business in the Middle East. The office will provide information on the latest services and technology to Arabic speakers. The American Arab Chamber of Commerce, the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services [DS: Both of which openly support Hezbollah and HAMAS] and local politicians encouraged Comcast to open the center. The chamber conducted a survey to demonstrate the need. Yup, I'm sure that "survey" was "reliable." They'd never lie
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