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AutoHotkey Keygen 2023 Free Download [Latest] - 0 views

    AutoHotkey is an open-source scripting language that allows users to automate a wide range of tasks on their Windows computers. Originally derived from the AutoIt scripting language, it has evolved into a robust and user-friendly automation tool that simplifies repetitive actions and enhances computer efficiency. This software is a powerful and versatile scripting language for automating tasks on Windows computers. With a rich set of features and a user-friendly syntax, it empowers users to create custom scripts that can automate repetitive actions, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity.
Jeff Johnson

Energy Saver scripting « Managing OS X - 0 views

    Here's a version of a script we use on all our machines in an attempt to reduce energy usage with a minimum of visible impact on users. Our machines are set to not sleep during the day. This script runs hourly, and if it's after 7pm and the machine has been idle for 20 minutes or more, it tries to sleep the machine if someone is logged in, or shut it down if no-one is logged in. The machine is also set to automatically startup or wake at 6am M-F. The net result is that most of our desktop machines go to sleep or shutdown a little after 7pm each weeknight and wake up at 6am each week morning, and our users are none the wiser.
christa joe

AppleScripts for Mac developers - 0 views

    AppleScript is an english-like scripting language which can be used to write a set of scripts to control the actions of any other computer program or application. Since its syntax is english-like, the understandability of the code is often like a natural language.
Jeff Johnson

Image cleanup script « Managing OS X - 0 views

    Here's a cleaned-up version of the script I use, with site-specific stuff removed for the most part. If you use this, you'll need to modify the paths to any local user home directories for any local users you have on your image. There are generic examples for a local admin user named "admin" and the root user (which if you never login as root, you shouldn't have to clean up!)
Jeff Johnson

Nicole's Script-o-Rama! - 4 views

    * GroupSync (a GUI utility for synching group membership between AD and OD * Home Directory Helper (a GUI utility that performs a number of tasks on user home directories) * Send Unix Command Scripts for ARD
jincheng li

Paper Mac's Origami "Make your own Mac" @ The Apple Collection - 0 views

  • mini iPod (5 colors) newfrom Kieran Baxter iPod Shufflefrom Shin Tanaka iPod Shufflefrom Sestoren Mac minifrom Sestoren Paper mini iPodfrom Jonathan Wehlte Paper eMac from ATSpongeBob See SpyMac G5 Conversion Kitsee iPod 2 PaperMacfrom Kieran Baxter See SpyMac See SpyMac See iPod PaperMacfrom Kieran Baxter PowerMac G4 and an HD 23" Cinema Display from George Matthews "eMac" "Quicksilver" G4 from George Matthews Origami Software All Origami Books </A
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Graham Perrin

XBinary: Extended Binary Format Support for Mac OS X - 0 views

  • Extended Binary Format Support
  • © Amit Singh
  • January 2009
  • ...51 more annotations...
  • —With the advent of x86-based Macintosh computers, Universal binaries, originally known as "fat" or multiple-architecture binaries, appeared in Mac OS X.
  • Universal Binaries
  • for one or more architectures
  • along with a header that describes each constituent binary.
  • a wrapper that contains Mach-O binaries
  • a "4-way fat" executable could consist of Mach-O executables for the i386 (32-bit Intel), x86_64 (64-bit Intel), ppc (32-bit PowerPC), and ppc64 (64-bit PowerPC) architectures
  • Mac OS X does not provide any kernel-level or user-level interfaces to extend binary format support.
  • we'll need to write special software
  • new kernel functionality
  • software will involve a kernel extension.
  • extend the kernel
  • and execute them through specified handler programs.
  • Let us call the new software that implements these features XBinary. binfmt_misc Those familiar with the Linux kernel will realize that functionality similar to what's been described here exists in Linux as the binfmt_misc kernel feature. XBinary is conceptually similar
  • XBinary also has some Mac OS X specific features.
  • download and install the XBinary package
  • a command-line tool (xbinary
  • a kernel extension (xbinary.kext)
  • research software at this point
  • choosing the best library from an extended fat library file.
  • for developers, researchers, and power users
  • take XBinary for a spin
  • XBinary: extended binary format support for Mac OS X Copyright (c) 2009 Amit Singh. All Rights Reserved. The XBinary software allows you to extend the Mac OS X kernel such that it can recognize arbitrary binary formats and execute them through specified handler programs. (Mac OS X natively supports executing only Mach-O binaries, Universal (fat) binaries, and interpreter scripts.) XBinary consists of a kernel extension (xbinary.kext) and this command-line tool, which lets you control the XBinary facility. This requires superuser privileges, so you should run this tool using sudo(8). The XBinary kext must be loaded for the facility to be available.
  • You can add and manipulate in-kernel entries that enable recognition of binary formats.
  • You can also specify flags that affect how a matched entry is processed. By default, the argument vector IS adjusted and setuid/setgid binaries are NOT allowed.
  • make experimentation involving new binary formats easy
  • Let us look at Java applications
  • then specify this wrapper script as the interpreter
  • and subsequently invoke the Java application launcher.
  • given a Java class file
  • a wrapper script
  • We don't even have to write such scripts
    • Graham Perrin
  • a Universal binary containing, say, Tiger and Leopard versions
  • simplify code creation and maintenance.
  • Consider a 2-way fat binary containing i386 and x86_64 architectures.
  • operating system versions in addition to processor architectures.
    • Graham Perrin
  • Now think of an "extended" fat binary mechanism that incorporates
  • our hypothetical extended fat binary contains eight "architectures"
  • the extended fat feature as implemented by XBinary is not a complete implementation
  • These examples assume that you are on an x86 (little-endian) machine.
  • XBinary requires Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard).
  • Executive Summary This document discusses XBinary, a new software that lets you add kernel-level support for executing files in arbitrary binary formats on Mac OS X.
  • Extending Executability
  • recognize arbitrary binary formats
  • using the xbinary tool
  • copious "help" output
  • Each entry must have as its name a unique identifier string up to 31 bytes in size. Additionally, a set of other arguments specify to the kernel how to recognize that binary format and which interpreter to invoke to handle it. XBinary can recognize a binary EITHER by matching magic bytes within the first page of the file OR by matching a file extension. OTHER_ARGS must be a valid combination of the following arguments (some are optional).
  • that will determine the startup class name
  • Bonus Feature: Extra Fat Binaries
  • Since XBinary is experimental, why not experiment with such a feature too?
  • XBinary wouldn't be able to help the dynamic linker
  • The XBinary software

Professional Ways To Get Fans, Followers and Likers For Facebook To Promote It: How To ... - 0 views

    How To Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page By Facebook Auto Friend Invite Script
Abdul Bais Sagar

Best HYIP Script in the World | Bitcoin Mining Website Script | Web island - 0 views

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Jeff Johnson

Automator - Scripting & Automation - 0 views

    Automator is an application that lets users automate repetitive procedures performed on a computer. Developers create Automator actions--loadable bundles that perform discrete tasks--that users link together in a workflow. Developers can implement Automator actions using AppleScript, Objective-C, or a combination of the two. System administrators and end users can also supply their own shell scripts as Automator actions. Actions can access the capabilities of individual applications (including the Finder) and a wide range of system services.
Robin Dale

How to install PhpMyChat Script Manually? - 1 views

    PhpMyChat is a PHP based script, it is very easy-to-install and can create a multi-room chat system using a database as the content storage. Lets go through the steps, in order to install the PhpMyChat in very few steps:
Zohar Manor-Abel Ynet Links and Vids - 0 views

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Zohar Manor-Abel Erez Nehederet video for mac - 0 views

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Jeff Johnson

Creating Automator Actions for Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) - 0 views

    Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) 3 is the latest release of Apple's desktop management software, enabling administrators to distribute software, manage assets, and remotely administer Mac OS X systems via a network. ARD 3 takes advantage of innovative technologies in Mac OS X Tiger such as Automator. Automator is built on the concept of actions - discrete tasks such as opening a file, cropping an image, or sending a message. With Automator users can string together a series of actions into a single Automator workflow document. Much like a script, a workflow document can be executed, triggering each action and passing any data generated by the action to the next action in the workflow. Using the Automator actions installed with ARD and custom actions you create, you can develop workflows to automate repetitive system administration tasks. For example, workflows can distribute software, create detailed software and hardware reports, and remotely configure systems using ARD.
Jeff Johnson

dockutil 1.0 released « Pattern Buffer - 0 views

    As a Mac sysadmin, I've had the need to manipulate the dock on hundreds of systems at a time. I used to cobble together terrible shell scripts to do the job, but now thanks to plistlib and python, plist manipulation is really easy. I am releasing this utility free under the Apache 2.0 license. Hopefully some other sysadmins will find it useful. dockutil is a command line utility for managing Mac OS X dock items. It can add, replace, list, move, find, and delete dock items. It supports Applications, Folders, Stacks, and URLs. It can act on a specific dock plist or every dock plist in a folder of home directories. It is compatible with Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard.
Jeff Johnson

Macintosh Utilities and Scripts - 0 views

    I have created a Google mailing list to send out announcements about updates. From now on this will be the only email list that I will use to send out update announcements. If you want to be notified about updates, make sure your name is on the list. The website to add your email to the list is:
Raúl - [^BgTA^]

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes ♫ iPod - 2 views

    Import Audio files from your ipod to itunes
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    waiting for my iphone 5s
helloe - News - Do more with your Apple Remote - 0 views

  • A few weeks ago, we brought you news about Remote Buddy. It's a neat little application that allows you to control almost anything on your Mac mini with the Apple Remote. The response to an application offering this kind of functionality was pretty enthusiastic, so I wanted to let you know about three other applications in the same category. They are iRed Lite, Mira and Sofa Control. You can learn more about each one of these applications down below. So if you're looking to get more out of your Apple Remote, I suggest you download them and give them a try. Remote Buddy "Remote Buddy provides you with a one stop interface that allows you to control almost anything on your Mac just with the remote control. Besides tools that allow you to emulate keyboard and mouse, eject CDs, terminate applications and much more, Remote Buddy also can control applications directly. It does this through specialized plugins, so called Behaviors. Already included with Remote Buddy are Behaviours for iTunes, Keynote 3, PowerPoint, Photo Booth, QuickTime Player, EyeTV 2, DVD Player, VLC Media Player, Real Player, Adobe Reader, Acrobat Pro, CoverFlow, Quinn, GarageBand, NetNewsWire, MPlayer OSX, Expose and many more. For your convenience, Remote Buddy has a set of intelligent algorithms that can automatically choose the best fitting behavior for the currently running applications. Plus a table of the active mapping and the behaviors menu is always just a press of the Menu button away." Download Details: &nbsp;&nbsp;Developer: IOSPIRIT &nbsp;&nbsp;License: Demo &nbsp;&nbsp;Price: $12.70 &nbsp;&nbsp;System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later Sofa Control "Apple ships a Remote Control with any new Mac. The pre-installed functionality is limited to control just a couple of applications. Sofa Control breaks this limit. With Sofa Control you are able to control any application on your Mac and trigger the actions you like. Sofa Control gives the control back to you. Sofa Control uses AppleScript to control any application installed on your Mac. It's full extendible and adoptable by the end user with their own scripts. Sofa Control provides specially designed "sofa suitable" user interface elements to choose files and to bring up menus. A special application switcher makes it easy to switch between applications. Sofa Control ships with support for a number of applications like Eye TV, Preview, iTunes, Adobe Reader, Keynote, VLC, Quicktime Player, Powerpoint, NetNewsWire, and more. A download area for new and updated scripts is provided on the product's website." Download Details: &nbsp;&nbsp;Developer: CASE Apps &nbsp;&nbsp;License: Demo &nbsp;&nbsp;Price: $9.99 &nbsp;&nbsp;System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later iRed Lite "iRed Lite (iRL) was made for all Macs equipped with an Apple Remote, but may be used by keyboard or mouse as well. It allows you to control the basic functions of applications like iTunes, iPhoto, PowerPoint or Keynote from remote. Examples for these apps as well as for others are provided with the iRL package. iRL does not interfere with Front Row, but supplements it. A visual feedback of iRL is always only a click away: press Menu on your Apple Remote and you'll get an full screen or a resizable on-screen menu to show you what kind of action an Apple Remote button will cause. Switching between applications or control scenarios is also done in a snap: hold Menu for a second and you can switch between "layers" of controls. Optional audio feedback lets you operate iRL even without sight. iRL is highly customizable with a built-in Editor, which features a simple mode as well as an expert mode and it is only at its beginning: Themes for on-screen menus as well as an
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yc c

Ukelele - 0 views

    Ukelele aims to simplify keyboard layout editing by providing a graphical interface to .keylayout files, where the desired characters can simply be dragged onto keys as needed.
Jeff Johnson

Randomizing the Mac OS X Software Update Server | Krypted - 0 views

    I've had a few instances where there was no way to setup round robin DNS or a load balancer and we were looking to alternate between a bunch of software update servers.  In order to do so, I've written a quick shell script to do so.  Here it is, in pieces, so it makes sense.
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