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gleeBox: User Manual - 0 views

  • 1. The Basics
  • General keys gLaunch gleeBox (If you're focussed on an input field, press Alt+g (Option+g on Mac)) .Launch tab manager (In input fields, Alt+.). This feature is only in Chrome. TabMove to the next selected element Shift + TabMove to the previous selected element EnterLaunch a link or execute a command Shift + EnterLaunch a link in a new tab EscClose gleeBox/Tab manager
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • !Page Commands
  • These commands are used to take some action on the current page. Type in the command and press ENTER to execute.
  • !readTransform the page for a better reading experience using the Readability project !shortenShorten the URL of the current page using !tweetRedirect to with the URL of the current page in the text field !rssOpen the current page's RSS feed in Google Reader !shareShare the current page. Syntax: !share service Valid services are m(ail), g(mail), t(witter), fb/facebook, deli(cious), su/stumbleupon, (google)buzz, (google)reader and all of the over 200 service codes listed on the AddThis services directory. !helpOpen the manual (i.e. this page) !tipjarOpen the TipJar !optionsOpen the options page !inspect Syntax: !inspect textSearch for link containing text and return the jQuery selector for it !vPlay/Pause videos on YouTube !extOpen the Extensions page in Chrome !downOpen the Downloads page in Chrome !pluginsOpen the Plugins page in Chrome !snapTake a screenshot of the current page in Chrome !setSet gleeBox Options Syntax: !set option = value Option theme position size scroll bsearch vision Valid values { default, white, console, greener, ruby, glee } { top, mid(dle), bottom } { large, med(ium), small } { on, off } { on, off } jQuery selector to set as vision for current page Syntax: !set option += value Option scrapers visions Value name : selector url : selector !<Any Text>Execute Matching Bookmarklet You can also save bookmarklets and then execute them as a page command. For example, if you bookmark the Instapaper bookmarklet and rename its title to "later", you can then run it by typing in "!later" in gleeBox and pressing ENTER.
  • 2. Commands ?Scraper Commands Scraper commands let you select particular types of elements on the page. You can navigate the selected elements via the TAB key. ?hSelect main (h1, h2 & h3) headings ?imgSelect linked images ??Select text input fields. Hit ENTER to give focus to the selected field. ?aSelect all links
Robert Ogden

Install software updates from the command line - 0 views

    To install software updates from the command line, you'll use the aptly named 'softwareupdate' command. Here are the most relevant usages of the command for most users: softwareupdate -l will give you a list of all updates available softwareupdate -i [package name] will install the specified package softwareupdate -i -a will install all updates available softwareupdate -i -r will install only the recommended updates softwareupdate --ignore [package name] will ignore specified update softwareupdate --help for more info on the softwareupdate command You'll likely need to use the sudo command to actually install the updates on a Mac, simply place sudo in front of one of the above commands to run it with full permissions as root. For example: sudo softwareupdate -i -r

100 Run shortcut commands for windows Xp & Windows 7 - 0 views

    run commands for windows, list of run commands for windows, run shortcut command for windows xp and windows 7, windows run commands, windows xp run shorcuts
Jeff Johnson

airport - the Little Known Command Line Wireless Utility - OS X Daily - 0 views

    Strangely hidden from the casual user is a spiffy command line utility that allows you to view, configure, and troubleshoot your Mac's wireless connection. It doesn't appear to be well documented, and judging by the obscure location of the command, Apple probably didn't think it would be too useful for the average Mac user. But the hidden command line airport tool is very useful indeed, so here is how to access it, and how you can use it too. The first thing you'll want to do is create a symbolic link to the airport command, because it is situated in a very inconvenient location for quick usage.
Jeff Johnson

Using Linux rm command to delete, remove hidden files and folder - Basic Linux Command.... - 20 views

Jeff Johnson

Sleepwatcher for Mac OS X - 0 views

shared by Jeff Johnson on 06 May 09 - Cached
    SleepWatcher is a command line tool (daemon) for Mac OS X that monitors sleep, wakeup and idleness of a Mac. It can be used to execute a Unix command when the Mac or the display of the Mac goes to sleep mode or wakes up or after a given time without user interaction. It also can send the Mac to sleep mode or retrieve the time since last user activity. A StartupItem, sample start and sleep scripts and the source code for sleepwatcher are included in the download. A little bit knowledge of the Unix command line is required to benefit from this software. SleepWatcher is published under the GNU General Public License.
madhu naidu

BSF Recruitment Notification 2013 for Govt jobs India Assistant Commandant - 0 views

    DirecBSF Logotorate General Border Security Force BSF Recruitment 2013 for Assistant Commandant govt jobs 2013. Candidates who are BE/ in Civil/Electrical Engineering are eligible for these Government jobs 2013. - See more at
Jeff Johnson

Apple Remote Desktop - - 0 views

    Apple Remote Desktop includes tools, remote UNIX commands, and command line tool info
David Corking

25 Terminal Tips Every Mac User Should Know | Maclife |2008 | Jonathan Williams - 0 views

  • free up some system memory by terminating the Dashboard with two quick Terminal commands. First, set its default to Off by executing defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES. Second, kill and restart the Dashboard and Dock with this command: killall Dock.
  • Textutil can convert between Word, rich-text, and plain-text formats--and it can combine multiple documents, change fonts, and adjust font size while doing it
  • screencapture -x -t jpg capture.jpg.
    If there's a more neglected or misunderstood Mac utility than the Terminal, OS X's built-in command-line app, we've yet to find it. In an age where Apple's $200 smart phone offers the most intuitive graphical user interface the world has ever seen, turning to a text-only command-line window can seem stubbornly retro, reminding us of audiophiles who vociferously insist that vinyl records sound better than music CDs. But there are plenty of reasons for using the command line beyond mere nostalgia: speed, flexibility, and familiarity with OS fundamentals, to name a few. We've collected 25 Terminal-based solutions for common desktop issues, because knowing these tricks is an invaluable addition to any Mac user's toolbox. And while there is no reason to abandon the Finder, think of mastering the Terminal as learning to drive a car with a manual transmission-once you can drive a stick, you can drive anything.

Fullapkapp: File Commander 3.1.13137 Apk Download - 0 views

    File Commander 3.1.13137 Apk is a complete file manager that allows you to handle any file on your Android device and remotely.

EF Commander 2021.09 Crack 2021 - 0 views

Robert Ogden

terminal questions about gethostuuid - The macosxhints Forums - 0 views

  • echo "hostname: `hostname`" system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | awk '/UUID/{sub(/^[ \t]+/, "")}; NR == 17 {print}' echo "--done--"
  • n C), not a command (for use in Bash).
    Command allows you get the UUID of the machines on your network. Handy when manually adding machines to your workgroup manager. Especially when adding 10.7 machines to your WGM.
Jeff Johnson

GeekTool - 6 views

    Mac OS X only: GeekTool is a nifty utility that incorporates text files, the output of shell commands and images onto your Mac's desktop. GeekTool ranks up there with Quicksilver in my "Oh my God, why doesn't this exist for Windows" list. Especially indispensable for command line lovers, GeekTool is fantastic for keeping tabs on your system or tracking your life in .txt right on your desktop.
Jeff Johnson

Use networksetup to change AirPort networks from the command line - 2 views

    Sure enough: networksetup -setairportnetwork Airport 'Your SSID Here' 'Network Pa$$wOrd Here' did just what I wanted, and it did not require an administrator password or sudo. If you need to get a listing of all of the current Wi-Fi networks which are broadcasting SSIDs, you can use 'airport -s' for a list which will also show what security measures are used. By the way, if you aren't familiar with networksetup, you should definitely read up on it. It has a lot of features that could come in handy. It also wields a great amount of power, so be careful. The command listed above is fairly innocuous but there is a lot more it can do.
Robert Ogden

Repair disk permissions from the command line - 0 views

  • diskutil repairPermissions /
    diskutil repairPermissions /
yc c

Mac OS X - 0 views

    dscl -- Directory Service command line utility
Jeff Johnson

dockutil 1.0 released « Pattern Buffer - 0 views

    As a Mac sysadmin, I've had the need to manipulate the dock on hundreds of systems at a time. I used to cobble together terrible shell scripts to do the job, but now thanks to plistlib and python, plist manipulation is really easy. I am releasing this utility free under the Apache 2.0 license. Hopefully some other sysadmins will find it useful. dockutil is a command line utility for managing Mac OS X dock items. It can add, replace, list, move, find, and delete dock items. It supports Applications, Folders, Stacks, and URLs. It can act on a specific dock plist or every dock plist in a folder of home directories. It is compatible with Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard.
Jochen Burkhard

Terminal commands for improving Spotlight | Terminal | Mac OS X Tips - 0 views

    If u wonder, why Spotlight (or Leap) does not find files on a share you connected to your Mac. Add the Share to the Spotlight-Index.
Tahir Mirza

Get List Of All Siri Voice Commands On iPhone 4S - 0 views

    Apple has introduced the voice-based artificial intelligence business, Siri acquisition. As expected Siri comes with iPhone 4S, bringing advanced voice control to this handset."Siri is your intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking".During the "Let's Talk iPhone" ev

Election 2019 Lok Sabha - Election 2019 Lok Sabha : Lok Sabha Results, Opinion Poll, Da... - 0 views

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