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David Hilton

Essay research - 65 views

Hello again munchkins! I've posted up a sheet going through some ways to evaluate sources in your essay without messing with your 'flow'. Go to scoodle and have a look at it for some tips on makin...

essay greece primary sources research

David Hilton

Multimodal research - 40 views

Hello everyone I've just been reading through the bookmarks people have saved on diigo over the last week. Well done! The comments and sites people have found have been excellent. It's great to ...

11 ancient history egypt mesoamerica mesopotamia multimodal

lauren. worley

The First Crusade - 25 views

    During the first crusadethere was an attempt to re-capture Jerusalem, which was completed in 1076.
David Hilton

Textbooks - 20 views

Hello everyone Congratulations on all your hard work this year - you've all impressed me with your hard work and your respectfulness this year. I'm a very lucky teacher to have such wonderful stude...

started by David Hilton on 02 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
David Hilton

Well done diigo users! - 18 views

Hello everyone. I hope you're enjoying your holidays. I just want to congratulate those of you who used diigo so well during your research. It's disappointing that some people didn't use it at all...

started by David Hilton on 29 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Andrew McKellar

Macedonia - 6 views

shared by Andrew McKellar on 01 Nov 11 - No Cached
Sandy P liked it
Bridget Auchter

Sargon - 5 views

    Provides background information on Sargon the Great.

The Ancient Egypt Site - 18th Dynasty - 0 views

    Good general and valid information about Queen Hat shepsut
Nathan Kench

Arrian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 4 views

    • Nathan Kench
      This is a good source for the background of arrian, to help with source evaluation. even though it is wikipedia it is still good for source evaluation.
    • Alex J
      haha thanks nathan that's what i came here for
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