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David Hilton

Multimodal research - 40 views

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started by David Hilton on 20 May 08
  • David Hilton
    Hello everyone

    A few people were saying that they're having trouble finding details about Mayan kings. Does anyone have any ideas about how these people can find information about particular Mayan kings?

    Please post responses as replies to conversations that are already occurring - don't start a new conversation, as it will fill up our inboxes and make everything confusing.

    You're doing well on your research so far. Keep up the good work!

    Mr Hilton.
  • David Hilton
    Hello everyone

    I've just been reading through the bookmarks people have saved on diigo over the last week. Well done! The comments and sites people have found have been excellent.

    It's great to see people finding such great sources and giving others advice about evaluating the sources. Keep up the great work.

    Take care. Happy researching!

    Mr Hilton.

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