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Youri Wiese

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Traveling Ideas Tips Vacation

started by Youri Wiese on 13 May 12
  • Youri Wiese
    Perhaps you have heard stories of vacations that turned out badly. In many cases, these mishaps occurred because of bad planning on the part of the vacationer. You will not have this problem, because you will be informed by this article.

    Make sure you take clothespins with you when travelling. While they may not be something you would normally pack, clothespins can come in very handy.

    If you are camping and plan on hiking, you should make sure that you have some maps of the location you are in. Keep them handy. You may also want to bring a compass or GPS device, just in case you find yourself lost.

    Any camping plans you have that will include hiking mandate the use of current maps that you keep with you. You'll need a compass to make sense of the maps, but a GPS would be the ultimate safety tool.

    Before you go on a trip, ensure that you have copies of your important papers. Also, be sure that these copies are kept separately from their originals. You could also leave a copy of everything with a friend or family member as a backup.

    When you fly, don't expect the airline to cater to your every need, no matter how long the flight is. Bring your own blanket, pillow and headphones if your trip is going to be a long one. You should also plan to bring a few airline approved snacks along in case the airline meals are a flop.

    The use of travel agencies has declined for a reason; everyone books trips online because it is so convenient. The effort you have to put into travel planning is minimized when you use the right Internet resources. You can book everything you need for your trip, from rental cars to flights to hotel rooms, all from the comfort of your computer. You can even review pictures and critiques of hotels online. Many travel sites even guide you toward finding discounts.

    Travel size toiletries are pretty expensive and won't save you that much room. Try simple folding and packing tricks to expand your luggage space instead. This can give you the extra space you need for other things.

    Do not go to a currency exchange if you can help it. There is a simpler method to get the currency you need. Bank ATMs are a great place to get your foreign currency from. Bank ATM's tend to have better exchange rates and are generally less expensive than an exchange.

    When traveling, a case for contact lenses can come in handy even if you have 20/20 vision. They are great for packing small amounts of lotions or hair gel.

    Affix a label containing key contact info to the inside of your luggage. This label should include your name, your cell phone number, and your address. Should your luggage get lost and handle tags have been removed, your luggage hopefully will find you. It's a simple precaution that could save your luggage.

    Remember that hotels will have a lot of people staying there. Avoid being loud or slamming doors as to not bother your neighbors in a hotel. Whatever time of the day it is, someone may be sleeping or dealing with a bad case of jet lag. There is no need to tiptoe, but keeping the volume at a reasonable level will always be appreciated.

    Following these tips should make your traveling adventures smoother and more enjoyable. You should be able to truly enjoy your vacation if you relax and forget about your troubles by saving money.

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