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started by youxikale youxikale on 18 Jan 14
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    The face of the shift in the changing situation

    U.S.Mid-term Elections ended, and wasSUppressed for monclerpascherfemme many years the RepUblican Party Democratic Party in one fellSwoop, "Stand", the 2012 Election isSeen as a prelUde to the next presidential Election, Democrats lost, no doUbt cast aShadow on Obama re-Election. The Election resUlt, increasing differentiation between the two parties, the Congress into a political deadlock may even RepUblican analystsSpecUlated that a victory coUld lead to the administration to its knees, the White HoUse and the Democratic Party'sStrategy will be forced to the defensive to offensive.

    Article excerpts are as follows:U.S.Mid-term election dustSettles, Democrats lost the House majority, and fortunately only aSlight advantage to keep theSenate majority. Election resultsSpider Man CostumeShowed the president the American people are notSatisfied with the changes.Election to form the"House divided"Situation, the formation of future government will be a lot of constraints. Obama how to adapt to new changes in the adjustmentStrategy, re-win theSupport of the people, no doubt the remaining two years of its term the major challenge.

    This mid-Term elections, largely re-Election of the u.S. House of RepresentativesSeats in all four hundred thirty-fiveSenateSeats in the hundred and thirty-Seven thirty-sevenState governorships. According to preliminary incompleteStatistics, the Democrats lost the House andSenateSeventy-oneSeats andSixSeats. Democratic Party Republican Party wasSuppressed for many years in one fellSwoop, "Turning over," not only won the House of Representatives election the biggest victory ofSix decades,Seized control of monclerdoudounesansmanche theSenate elections in the Democratic Party to reduce the gap between theSeats. Clinton's term of Cheap Moncler officeSince 1994, the House has been controlled by Democrats, Republicans regained control of this, ending decades of Democratic control of theSituation. Moreover, the Democratic Party in the gubernatorial elections alsoSuffer defeat in that Republican governorships in the country account for more than half of fifty.Results of the election dramatically changed the balance of power between the two parties.

    The mid-Term Elections, voters considered obama the performance of a"Referendum. "Unfortunately, obama is the beginning of the financial crisis came to power, only two years of reform, and failed toSignificantly improve the ailing u.S. economy,So he proposed "Change"Target greatly reduced. PoorState of the U.S.Economy, the huge federal deficit, high unemployment, voters discontent filled the air, dashed expectations for obama. Republican voters longing for Change is the use of psychological andSeizeSome of the controversial Moncler jackets policy of the Democratic Party make a big fuss, a lot of votersSupport the Democratic PartySuffered a crushing defeat. The Election is alsoSeen as 2012Skirmish the next presidential Election, the Democratic Party's defeat, no doubt to cast aShadow over Obama's re-Election.

    The face of theShift in the changingSituation, obama and democrats to replace pelosi asSpeaker of the house republican congressman john boehner on the phone, in addition to congratulating the courtesy, the twoSides discussed economic issues, obamaSaid he was looking forward to cooperation with the republican party, and leaders of both parties have been invited to the white house meeting in january.The right of the republican party won control of the house of representatives, the u.S.Political landscape back to the common power"Split"Pattern, one-Party control of the executive branch, the other party controls congress, a house or both houses. For Obama, this ZentaiSuitSituation will enable the Government to promote more difficult to get congress to approve the legislation, there will be more political deadlock.In order to break the political deadlock, obama will be forced to make more concessions to the republicans.

    Obama took office, with democrats in the house and senate majority, the implementation of medical insurance, financial regulation and a series of controversial reforms, strong resistance not only by republicans, but also differences of opinion within the democratic party.White house spokesman said the next two years, the government will continue to revive the economy as a policy focus, and actively implement the health insurance and financial regulatory reform bill.However, the results of this election, obama will end this pattern of doing things unilaterally, seek cross-Party co-Operation with the republican party, will become the only way to continue to promote reform.

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