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started by youxikale youxikale on 18 Jan 14
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    Movie prom dresses to remember

    Drive me crazy:The sophisticated prom dress(1999)

    Nicole is gorgeous and popular.Everything is perfect(Or so it seems)Until her gorgeous boyfriend dumps her right before prom.In an effort to avoid social humiliation nicole decides to makeover her rather grubby looking next-Door neighbor and take him to prom instead.However she didn't anticipate just how well he'd scrub up and soon she's falling for him.

    The prom dresses:This deep blue dress was a sensation at the time with girls all over america desperately trying to find replicas.

    2.Ten things i hate about you:The simple prom dress(1999)

    Kat and patrick are thrown together after cameron needs kat to come along on a double date with kat's sister bianca.Kat and patrick start to fall for each other, but all is ruined when kat finds out that patrick had been bribed to take her to prom.Kat's not the type of girl to go to prom, but in the end she goes along to chaperone her little sister.Kat and patrick make up and all's well that ends well.

    The prom dresses:Kat wears a blue liquid satin with a v-Neck and spaghetti straps.Pretty understated as far as prom dresses go but that didn't stop girls all around the world from falling in love with it.

    3.Pretty in pink:The retro prom dress(1986)

    Andie(Molly ringwald)Has attracted the attentions of blane. But all is not well as Blane is a rich guy andAndieis from a poor family.Enter disapproving friends and soon the couple are being tugged in opposite directions. The couple finally reconcile when Blane chasesAndieafter she ditches prom early.

    The prom dresses:Not all pink prom dresses are made equal.While andie's pink polka dot creation may draw gasps of horror now, but in the 80s it was drawing gasps of admiration.It's a lesson in just how badly prom dresses can date if you don't choose something classic!

    4.Grease:The vintage monclerhoody prom dress(1978)

    After summer loving sandy and danny aren't speaking by the time prom comes around.Danny brings along a fiery date but ends up doing the hand jive with sandy.

    The prom dresses:Grease is set back when prom was still young and prom dresses were made at home.Sandy wears a 1950s style knee-Length high-Waisted dress in a pale lemon.

    5.Romy and michele's high school reunion:The all out crazy prom dress(1997)

    Its been ten years since romy and michele's prom.Single and unsuccessful they are monclermen at first reluctant to return to school for their ten year reunion.However when they hear that romy's old crush billy will be there they change their minds.Intent on seeking revenge for billy standing romy up for prom, they decide to go.Not wanting to look like they haven't 'made it' they spin a lie which involves claiming to have invented post-It notes.

    The prom dresses:A short lame holographic baby pink prom dress with a marabou trim and a short metallic blue lame dress with the star trek symbol on the bust.Nice!

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