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Haleigh Smith

Recollecting - 0 views

    Recollecting is a rich collection of essays that illuminate the lives of late-eighteenth-century to mid-twentieth-century Aboriginal women, who have been overlooked in sweeping narratives of the history of the WestSome essays focus on individual women --- a trader, a performer, a non-human woman. Other essays examine cohorts of women --- wives, midwives, seamstresses, nuns.
Katy Mickelson

Guide to the Ida S. Patterson Manuscript circa 1950 - 0 views

    Emma Magee was born in Montana Territory near Hell Gate in 1866. Her mother was born to a Native American woman and a Spanish man in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana; her father was Dutch and came west for his health. He served as the surveyor of Missoula County from 1865 to 1880. Magee describes many details of her youth, including home life, food, schooling, the Bison Range, and travelers and new settlers. She recounts how her father spoke with the band of Nez Perce at Lolo Creek as they fled from U.S. forces in 1877. Magee also worked in the C. P. Higgins
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