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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Megan Rice

Megan Rice

Educational Leadership:Teaching for the 21st Century:Taking the Digital Plunge - 2 views

  • The Tempered Radical
    • Megan Rice
      subscribe later?
  • experimenting fearlessly
    • Megan Rice
      same wording as ohler article
  • Clay Burell
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Wouldn't young adults truly prepared for the 21st century have experience using computers to learn with—rather than simply about—the world?
    • Megan Rice
      This is exactly what I've been saying in my blog posts...
  • but no one has taught them about the power of these connections
    • Megan Rice
      I agree, but is this taught through the content we already need to cover, or a technology component?
  • Our challenge as teachers is to identify ways that students can use these tools for learning.
    • Megan Rice
  • This is why I experiment with every new tool that bursts onto the teenage radar
    • Megan Rice
      I wish I had the time to keep up with all the sites out there! I remember when we first showed VoiceThread - kids loved it. Now, they are more familiar and not as excited because they use it elsewhere, which is wonderful, but requires me to keep up on the "newer" options.
  • Through Twitter, you'll get short online messages from fellow practitioners that point you to resources or pose questions.
    • Megan Rice
      Am I ready to be tethered to my phone even more than I am?
  • Then start by following some of the good education blogs written by teachers. Many of these are listed in the Support Blogging wiki ( and on my list of resources (
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