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Doyle Duke

Having PCOS and Pregnancy - Is a successful Pregnancy still possible ? - 0 views

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started by Doyle Duke on 28 Jan 12
  • Doyle Duke
    It is rare to bear a young child especially for patients who are enduring polycystic ovarian syndrome. The happiness a child brings to these patients with PCOS is more enough to enable them to continue on surviving with the disease. Moreover, along along with the possible incidence of to become pregnant woman, different problems continue to be faced during gestation. Especially that polycystic ovarian syndrome accounts mostly for the occurrence of undesired side effects of pregnancy, an individual woman with PCOS may very well be too much cautious in carrying her baby.

    Miscarriage or abortion with the fetus inside the womb is one of the very distressing and daunting complications PCOS may bring to a pregnant woman. Miscarriage is known to be the spontaneous end of an pregnancy that is prior to the twentieth week of pregnancy. Miscarriage happens due to your incompetence of the embryo or fetus contained in the womb in further survival.

    PCOS patients are known to be at high risk in having miscarriage at least forty five percent. The increase insulin which is present in this syndrome known and believed to interfere with the normal balance relating to the production of blood clotting factors and the breakdown of blood clots.

    Moreover your presence of increase insulin in the blood
    causes the production of increase blood clot factors in the lining of uterus and the placenta. The placenta could be the organ that is connected to the uterus lining allowing you for the nutrient uptake, waste products elimination and gas exchanges of the baby from the mommy. In this event that will blood clots accumulate relating to the placenta the deliverance of oxygenated blood are going to be altered. And since placenta is blocked which includes a clot, then the oxygenated blood does not reach the baby with regard to oxygenation and nutrition. The inability of the blood to move in the placenta will later on result to a decrease supply of nutrients to the fetus and in removing the toxic wastes. Due to this process, miscarriage comes about.

    Although this situation can be very scary and bearing a young child with PCOS may be very delicate and harmful, there are allotted preventive measures to this complication. Seeking for a beginning medical advice, especially if you have PCOS and pregnant is incredibly essential. In this event, your doctor will take note about your pregnancy together with over-all condition. Different tests as well be conducted for them to determine if you are having increase hormonal levels especially insulin. Furthermore, the health care team will also help you in properly controlling the symptoms of PCOS which will alter a healthy pregnancy.

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