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Barbara Lindsey

The Fischbowl: We Can Do This. We Should Do It. - 0 views

    Big problem with Prof. Miller's assertion that "English as the site that excels in human expression and in the study of human culture related to expression we should the place that is at the very cutting edge of education for students in these areas." Starts at 2m19sec
Barbara Lindsey

Multimedia & Internet@Schools Magazine - 0 views

  • I would argue that postliteracy is a return to more natural forms of multisensory communication—speaking, storytelling, dialogue, debate, and dramatization. It is just now that these modes can be captured and stored digitally as easily as writing. Information, emotion, and persuasion may be even more powerfully conveyed in multimedia formats.
  • Libraries, especially those that serve children and young adults, need to acknowledge that society is becoming postliterate.
  • PL libraries budget, select, acquire, catalog, and circulate as many or more materials in nonprint formats as they do traditional print materials. The circulation policy for all materials, print and nonprint, is similar.

    2. PL libraries stock, without prejudice, age-appropriate graphic novels and audio books, both fiction and nonfiction, for informational and recreational use.

    3. PL libraries support gaming for instruction and recreation.

    4. PL libraries purchase high-value online information resources.

    5. PL libraries provide resources for patrons to create visual and auditory materials and promote the demonstration of learning and research through original video, audio, and graphics production. They also provide physical spaces for the presentation of these creations.

    6. PL libraries allow the use of personal communication devices (MP3 players, handhelds, laptops, etc.) and provide wireless network access for these devices.

    7. PL library programs teach the critical evaluation of nonprint information.

    8. PL library programs teach the skills necessary to produce effective communication in all formats.

    9. PL library programs accept and promote the use of nonprint resources as sources for research and problem-based assignments.

    10. PL librarians recognize the legitimacy of nonprint resources and promote their use without bias.

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  • Culture determines library programs; libraries transmit culture.
  • If we as librarians support and use learning resources that are meaningful, useful, and appealing to our students, so might the classroom teacher.
  • In Phaedrus, Plato decries an "alternate" communication technology:

    The fact is that this invention will produce forgetfulness in the souls of those who have learned it. They will not need to exercise their memories, being able to rely on what is written, calling things to mind no longer from within themselves by their own unaided powers, but under the stimulus of external marks that are alien to themselves.

    The Greek philosopher was, of course, dissing the new technology of his day: writing. Plato might well approve of our return to an oral tradition in a digital form. But his quote also demonstrates that sometimes our greatest fears become our greatest blessings.

    Thanks to Russel Tarr via Twitter
Barbara Lindsey

How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write - - 0 views

    The World of Ideas
Barbara Lindsey

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | North West Wales | Expert says txt is gr8 4 language - 0 views

  • Prof Crystal said that texting had had a bad press, and it was merely another way to use language.
  • The panic about texting and its effects on language is totally misplaced... it adds a new dimension, enriches language, gives you a new option
  • "In the past comics such as the Dandy and Beano would have had quizzes where you had to guess a sentence from letters and pictures
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  • "The only difference now is that people are using it with mobile phones."
  • "If you ask kids if they use the same style in their work they look at you as if you are mad.

    "This is just a story going around, a huge urban myth," he said.

  • A linguistics expert has rejected claims that texting by mobile phone is bad for language and literacy skills.
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