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Luciano Ferrer

WordPressWordPress Backup to Dropbox « WordPress Plugins - 14 views

    A plugin for WordPress that automatically creates a backup your blog and uploads it to Dropbox.
    "A plugin for WordPress that automatically uploads your blogs files and a WordPress dump of its WordPress to Dropbox."
Vernon Fowler

Peach - 0 views

    Moving from one domain to another, most commonly from development to staging to production, can be a hassle. Two major things must happen for it to be a seamless migration; Find & replace the domain and fix the serialized url's containing the old domain. This tool does that for you. Simply drag the sql dump into the square and set a new domain.

WP Widget Cache - 0 views

    Cache the output of your blog widgets. Usually it will significantly reduce the SQL queries to your SQL and speed up your site.
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