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Al-Mehatb Shaikh

Getting Started with Chrome extension - Diigo help - 0 views

  • Use the “Save” option to bookmark a page. Bookmarking saves a link to the page in your online Diigo library, allowing you to easily access it later.
  • Highlighting can also be accomplished from the context pop-up. After the Chrome extension is installed, whenever you select text on a webpage, the context pop-up will appear, allowing you to accomplish text-related annotation. Highlight Pop-up Menu – After you highlight some text, position your mouse cursor over it and the highlight pop-up menu will appear. The highlight pop-up menu allows you to add notes to, share, or delete the highlight.
  • Sticky Note Click the middle icon on the annotation toolbar to add a sticky note to the page. With a sticky note, you can write your thoughts anywhere on a web page.
Vernon Fowler

Peach - 0 views

    Moving from one domain to another, most commonly from development to staging to production, can be a hassle. Two major things must happen for it to be a seamless migration; Find & replace the domain and fix the serialized url's containing the old domain. This tool does that for you. Simply drag the sql dump into the square and set a new domain.
Luciano Ferrer

BarTab Lite :: Reviews :: Add-ons for Firefox - 3 views

    "1) Go to: C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(random letters and numbers).default\ 2) Create a folder called 'chrome' (without quotes) if you don't see one. 3) Make a css file called 'userChrome' (userChrome.css) 4) Open it up in a text editor of your choice and put in: .tabbrowser-tab[pending] { opacity: .5; } 6) Restart the browser if it isn't closed. Done!"
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