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Contents contributed and discussions participated by marshal sandler

marshal sandler » The Features You'll Love « - 0 views

  • The Features You’ll Love « Image via CrunchBase Just upgraded to latest version of Wordpress and Zemanta Wow New Dashboard Excellent I updated my Zemanta yesterday !  When designers understand semantics general semantics and mathematics you get a Zemanta ! This integration with Gmail makes E Mail use a valuable form of communication !   In my opinion Both Gmail and Yahoo are now true social media and advertsing tools ! The ability to add content and  photos may make an item worth opening in your In Box  WOW ! Finally there is a Firefox Add On that make Firefox Complete !  I also use Glue from Adaptive Blue and Tumblr which Mr Wilson is involved in! It is obvious to me than Mr Wilson understands the Internet is about content creation and distribution. I can see advertisers adding product to Zemanta and using Gmail and Yahoo to deliver ! The Features You’ll Love « Related articles by Zemanta WordPress 2.7 - So Much to Love! ( Bloggers Get New Support and Help Site ( Zemanta now helps you write e-mails ( Zemanta AdaptiveBlue
marshal sandler

Checkmate 2.0: A Free Premium WordPress Theme - 0 views

    Checkmate 2.0: A Free Premium WordPress Theme The Perfect Building Block for Your Blog Checkmate has been a very popular WordPress theme with thousands of users worldwide. Now it is has been made even better. I've learned a thing or two from the users of Checkmate, listened to the feature requests and I've decided it is time to release Checkmate 2.0. Checkmate 2.0 is built on the original version of Checkmate, but could almost be considered a completely new theme. The interface has gotten a huge and much needed update. The layout is still simple and clean but now is more polished and modern. Customizing the CSS and the look of theme is even better, the entire site was coded with the end user customizing the site in mind.
marshal sandler

WooThemes free, premium, WordPress Theme | TechBurgh - 0 views

    WooThemes free, premium, WordPress Theme Posted by Andy November 6, 2008 image-thumb8 WooThemes free, premium, WordPress Theme WooThemes has a very nice premium WordPress theme for free. Premium themes are, I think, what really makes WordPress great. WordPress and a premium theme really makes your site look less like a blog and more like a web site. The Original Premium News is WooTheme's' first premium theme. Yes, it's a little aged and they describe the design as a little rough around the edges. I think it looks fin
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