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Peter Nilsson

How to Enhance the Backend Search in WordPress - 0 views

    I decided to install a WordPress plugin to enhance the backend search in WordPress. My choice fell on a new free plugin called Admin Command Palette.
Clay Leben

WordPress › Hierarchy « CMS Plugins - 0 views

    A better way to structure the dashboard for Content instead of lumped together as Pages. Useful for CMS wordpress

Community Library for wordpress plugins search diigo - 0 views

    did a search for wordpress plugin bookmarks on diigo and this is what come up.  
Alexis Sgavel

Multiple custom search forms in WordPress | 456 Berea Street - 1 views

    There are occasions when you want to fine-tune where, when, and how WordPress outputs search forms. For example you will likely want to change the default HTML used for the form, and you may want to display more than one search form on some pages.
kie guy - Wordpress Function/Tag Lookup Tool - 0 views

    An alternate, fast, accurate search engine for looking up WordPress functions. Highlighted on the WordPress Weekly podcast.
jdr santos

WordPress CMS swicki - powered by eurekster - 0 views

    A search engine to help in your efforts to power your site with WordPress.
anonymous - IP Address | My IP | IP Check | Find IP Address | Whats My IP | IP Lookup - 0 views

    IP Address , My IP , IP , Find IP Address , Whats My IP , IP Lookup , IPv4 Address , IPv6 Address , DNS Address , IP Whois , IP Locate , IP Trace , Show My IP Address , What Is My IP Address , MyIP , Resources , Networks , Directory , What's My IP , Find An IP Address , IP Adres , IP Adresse , IP Adresse
Rika Y

Search Meter: a WordPress plugin » Semicolon - 0 views

  • sm_list_popular_searches() Show a simple list of the 5 most popular recent successful search terms, hyperlinked to the actual search results. sm_list_popular_searches('<h2>Popular Searches</h2>') Show the list as above, with the heading “Popular Searches”. If there have been no successful searches, then this tag displays no heading and no list. sm_list_popular_searches('<li><h2>Popular Searches</h2>', '</li>') Show the headed list as above; this form of the tag should be used in the default WordPress theme. Put it in the sidebar.php file. sm_list_popular_searches('<li><h2>Popular Searches</h2>', '</li>', 10) This is the same as the above, but it shows the 10 most popular searches. sm_list_recent_searches() Show a simple list of the 5 most recent successful search terms, hyperlinked to the actual search results. You can also use the same options as for the sm_list_popular_searches tag.
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