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Rika Y

JPF Quotes WordPress Plugin | So Joe… - 0 views

Rika Y

VerseLogic » Wordpress OpenID Plugin - 0 views

  • Wordpress blog quickly register, login, and leave comments using their OpenID Identity.
Rika Y

Nothing2Hide » Wordpress Global Translator Plugin - 0 views

  • English French Italian German Portuguese Spanish Japanese Korean Chinese Arabic
  • The available translations are summarized on the following table: FROM/TO I t a l i a n E n g l i s h F r e n c h G e r m a n P o r t u g u e s e S p a n i s h K o r e a n C h i n e s e J a p a n e s e A r a b i c Italian                   English                   French                   German                   Portuguese                   Spanish                   Korean                   Chinese                   Japanese                   Arabic                  
Miren Berasategi

HeadSpace2 - 0 views

  • HeadSpace2 is a plugin to manage meta data for your WordPress site. For the unfamiliar, meta data is all the extra information that explains what your content is about, allowing you to fine-tune your site for search engines. HeadSpace2 tries to make the management of this data as easy as possible so you can spend more time creating content.
    Advanced meta-data manager for SEO titles, tags, descriptions, and more in Urban Giraffe
Rika Y

Babel » gh3log - 0 views

    babel allows you to write your blog in multilanguage, and switch between these with a simple click on a flag.
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