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Sheryl A. McCoy

New members - 11 views

Welcome to our WORDLE group. Our group bookmarks are more effective the more we use the label, Wordle. Help us grow and develop. I'd like to invite you to friend our members to discover more about ...

wordle education web2.0 nonlinguistic_representation teaching infographics visualization technology data visualization n2teaching

started by Sheryl A. McCoy on 06 Mar 11 no follow-up yet
Sheryl A. McCoy

Thanks! - 8 views

I'm glad you're collaborating in our WORDLE group. If you are new to this group, I'd like to encourage you to friend any of your colleagues here. They are all great assets and wonderful colleagues....

WORDLE collaborate friend colleague n2teaching data visualization group

started by Sheryl A. McCoy on 24 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Steve Neufeld

WORDLE crash - 15 views

Thanks. Strange...I contacted Jonathan, and he said the site was working fine. Perhaps something out in my part of the world--Turkey. Several colleagues here had the same problem all last week. ...

wordle crash

Jamie S

The Wordle Collection - 4 views

This is a great site with some quirky wordles. Any suggestions can be submitted too. It's wuite new so there isn't much content but its quality that counts ri...

wordle visualization technology blog

started by Jamie S on 03 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
anne marie

Spelling - 54 views

Just curious-- you ask the students to write the spelling words using Wordle and then print it out? Jennifer Dean wrote: > Several of the teachers I work with use wordle as a spelling assignment e...

wordle spelling

Sheryl A. McCoy

Wordle Holiday Cards - 204 views

Martha, this is an excellent use of WORDLE. I liked your Family Card wordle, as it resembles a Christmas Candle. As a spin-off to your idea, people might want to share some other similar WORDLE cr...

cards crafts wordle

anne marie

Reading Comprehension - 87 views

Thanks for sharing-great idea! joy simpson wrote: > I put the first page/paragraph of a book we are using in guided reading into Wordle and look at the words with the children. We use this to try ...

reading comprehension theme

Sheryl A. McCoy

Diigo & Duplicate Bookmarks - 99 views

Karin, I agree. Thanks for adding good ideas about the bookmark duplicates. I have invited MaggieT to this group, so I am sure she will see these messages. Diigo is always growing and evolving, so...

Diigo duplicate bookmarks

Sheryl A. McCoy

Behavior management - 68 views

Yes, it would be interesting, especially as their own words might reveal blank spots in social skills. Learning could be remediated in a variety of ways.

wordle behavior

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