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Your thoughts about online dating - 12 views

started by markultra on 30 Apr 21
  • markultra
    Have you tried online dating? Can you share with me your experience?
  • myrocknrolla
    It's been a bad experience for me. I wound't recommend it for you.
  • wond001
    I feel bad that you have bad experience with it. Well, I don't have such experience. It's only positive. If you want to try online dating then be sure to check out Here you can read the reviews and learn more about some of the best dating platforms. Good luck.
  • valkys_1
    Yes, I have tried a dating site once. But I didn't really like it, to be honest, since I'm more for lively street communication, but if you are interested in this I can give a link to the site with an article, I stumbled upon it yesterday and today I saw your post, and now I leave it here, you can follow the link to read everything and try it, maybe it suits you.

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