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thomas lloyd

What to do when your jobs a nightmare - 6 views

What to do when your jobs a nightmare Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

started by thomas lloyd on 21 Jul 14
  • evgniselez
    Everything in life is a choice. Choose to be happy.
  • penelopecurley
    Thank you for reminding us to live, laugh, love, and enjoy life's simple pleasures--that are not really all that simple.
  • hilmaes
    Take control of your time, if you know how to manage your time, your job won't feel like a nightmare.
  • nielniemi
    I drive into work wishing I could be somewhere else, but the economy is bad, so I stay.
  • laganneela
    You don't have to talk to anyone else - you can just get the stuff done and then close work off for the day. Having something good to go home to each day would be a good idea too. Maybe treating yourself to a special meal on certain days each weak or something like that.

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