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thomas lloyd

The three things that employers want to see in your resume - 6 views

The three things that employers want to see in your resume Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

started by thomas lloyd on 28 Jul 14
  • thomas lloyd

    Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia advice: what employers want to see in your resume?

    That you care about the job you're actually applying for
    The initial thing an employer would see is if your resume is pertinent to the job that they are hiring for. How close do you live, is it sensible to commute? Does your title diligently fit the job? Make certain that you have fitted the manner you define your skills, experience and accomplishments to determine how they can take advantage of the job you're applying for. Employers would not like to guess how your qualifications apply to their role. You have to make it clear.

    That you have the qualifications to do the job
    Employers often have complaints that the most of resumes they receive for their jobs are from applicants who merely don't fit to do the job. Exceedingly numerous individuals believe that they can upsurge their probabilities of getting hired by applying to more jobs but it doesn't work like that. Chances of being hired don't occur by luck.

    You raise your odds of getting hired by distributing out relevant, shaped resumes precisely to jobs that you fit for and would really like to do. Always review it many times before sending. You do not require meeting 100% of the requirements that job postings ask for, employers have been known to expand the qualifications required for positions to a 'wish-list'.

    Warning! Be certain that you have as a minimum 75% of the requirements asked for. Present them in easy-to-read sentences and bullet points, and emphasize your past accomplishments to demonstrate how you are a stand-out candidate who can outshine at the job.

    That you have common sense
    How will you make an impression to your work ethic or attention to detail, if you are sending in a resume to highlight your qualifications for a job, and that resume is riddled with typos or grammatical errors?

    Never make employers have to work hard just to see what they're searching for. Make sure to format your resume all in the same font in a presentable and easy-to-read layout. Include only information that is significant to the job you're applying for.

    Make it concise but it doesn't really matter if your resume is one page or two as long as what is there is persuasive and helps shape the circumstance for your candidacy.

  • fajarsuria
    If one does not apply for jobs they are not qualified for. Then how does one get experience or qualifications.
  • mullernatalia
    I took chances and applied for jobs I was not qualified and 2 times i got interviews and was hired.
  • hilmaes
    Emails are not 100% reliable when applying.
  • imrihrdinka
    This could be good advice when applying for a career.
  • Ikaw Nahh
    This article is a big help for newly grads who are looking for their first jobs. With all the competition they are about to face these information will give them a know-how they can use to be prepared for interviews.

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