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thomas lloyd

How to Get Through a Job You Hate - 12 views

how to get through a job you hate Westhill Consulting Career and Employment review Hong kong Jakarta

started by thomas lloyd on 23 Sep 15
  • thomas lloyd

    Lucky for those people who find meaning and happiness in their jobs and here you are, stuck within the four corners of your office, trying to answer the question, "Why am I even here".

    Being irritated in your work can also affect your daily lives. Even external factors like being stuck in the midst of traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia, pushing your way through the busy streets of Tokyo, Japan or just strolling hurriedly to get home in the busy hours of New York can have great impact on the way you look at your work.

    You can't complain nor can you resign since you have to pay the bills, your child needs to be fed and you have to provide the basic necessities for your family. You promise to get out of there as soon as you can find a more suitable job but that promise keeps getting postponed with the growing demand of life.

    So here you are, currently stuck in where you are, dealing with uninteresting job, sloppy colleagues and unfair boss who doesn't know how to handle his subordinates. You are trying to find a good review on how to be happy at work but nothing seems to be fit for you. Already exasperated?

    Westhill Consulting and Employment, your long-time Australian partner in career advices and personality development, might help you find a meaning for the work you are currently in:

    1. Why?

    There is definitely a reason why you are currently employed in where you are now. Maybe you have been there driven by the fact that perhaps you have to send your sister to college or help your family pay your debts? While you are struggling, you are also sacrificing your personal happiness in front of your demanding and boring job to help others. For the others who find happiness in their jobs, that happiness is already their reward but for you who are doing it for others, a greater reward is reaped.

    2. Share your Positivity

    Instead of sulking and feeling pitiful for yourself, make use of your time and be positive as much as possible. If you can't do it, then, do it for others. Treat your colleagues to a lunch out or share a cookie to your seatmate. Their appreciation can create a sense of fulfillment within you. Little kindness virtues, creativity, honesty, social attitude and gratitude never go unnoticed.

    3. The Present is a Gift

    Try to remember the tough tracks you have been in the past and the sufferings you have been through to get to where you are now. Reflect on the accomplishments you have so far despite of all the hard work and the stress you have been from yesterday. Now, imagine the future you want to achieve, far from the career life you are despising right now. Count the few more steps you will be taking before finally achieving it. By reflecting and connecting things from the past and the future, you can make the present be bearable enough to endure.
  • markultra
    According to my experience, I should say: do not ever do it! You do not have to get through the job you hate. What for? You live once. Are you sure you want to spend almost all your life on that? I have already changed 7 jobs, and I am still in search. Also, it is more interesting to change a life, try everything. Here you can find several tips on job interviews.
  • jonnisins222343
    НІ.Very interesting topic of discussion!
  • myrocknrolla
    The best option, of course, is to leave the job you hate
  • John Flint
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  • markultra

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