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thomas lloyd

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Get hired despite being overqualified Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

started by thomas lloyd on 14 Jul 14
  • thomas lloyd

    There are probably numerous whys and wherefores you're looking for a job, may it be locally or internationally. Perhaps you had dreams of working in the city of Jakarta Indonesia or in Sydney Australia, wherever you please, qualifications are always a must. Are you a fresh graduate or maybe you were laid off, could it be you're not happy in your current job or even in your career. In any reason whatsoever, each job search comes with its own set of its ups and downs. One reason could be that you find yourself overqualified for the positions you're seeking.

    Here are four tips to keep in mind if you're applying for a job that you're overqualified for, says Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia.

    Don't play down your qualifications. You could be drawn to the thought of ommiting some skills or experiences from your resume if they are more than what's required for the position you want to apply for, its a warning not to do this. On condition that they are appropriate for the position, your skills will be a benefit to any employer, no matter if they are above and beyond what the job post asks for.

    Don't draw back from a job you're really interested in. If you're applying to or interviewing for a job that you are sincerely interested in, don't let your qualifications refrain you from chasing it. The only reason not to apply is being underqualified is a reason, nonetheless if you meet- or surpass- the minimum requirements, then move forward.

    Be ready to explain why you want the job. A potential employer who reviews your resume may contemplate why you are applying for a position if you are obviously overqualified for it. Be prepared to tell them. You should have upright reason for it- either it sounds like something you are passionate about, or you know it's doing something that will make you content, if you're applying for the job. Never give the impression that you are desperate and willing to take any job you can get. You must show the employer that you have a good reason for wanting the job.

    Be aware of employers' concerns and be prepared to ease those concerns. If you are overqualified, employers will hesitate to hire you. They might think you won't be challenged enough or will get bored with the job or eventually you will demand a higher salary or a promotion soon after starting. When you submit your cover letter and during the interview, you must make it clear from the start your reasons why you are applying for the job, that you are mindful you may be overqualified, nevertheless, you understand that your position will require and a good reason for wanting the job.

    Being overqualified for a position doesn't automatically mean you should rule it out of your job search. If you are sincerely interested in the job, and you are eager to take a step back in your career path for of any kind reason, be ready to clarify that to a potential employer. If you think you will be contented with the job, and an employer comprehends the significance you would bring to their company, then it could be a good fit for you and the company.

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