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Home Remedies For Ear Infections And Aches - 10 views

    Read about natural home remedies for Ear infections and aches. Also some effective home remedy for ear infections and aches made from basil leaves, garlic juice, mango leaves etc...
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    Due to fungus and bacteria in the ear, many people suffer from ear infections and aches. Such ear infections mostly occur in outer or middle ear. Bacterial infections are caused by water and this results in earaches.
    thanks for the info. you should do a pic for your profile.
    Thanks for sharing!coconut oil also used for ear aches
    Such a good information especially to those who are having ear problems!
    One must know how to prevent ear infections. Ear infections are really disconforting, if untreated it can lead to mastoid infections.
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Balancing: It's all in your ears - 1 views

    Even the simplest action, like walking, is affected by a person's sense of balance...
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