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Lucy Roxella

Nutrisystem: Weight Loss or Scam??? - 6 views

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started by Lucy Roxella on 01 Sep 09
  • Lucy Roxella
    So I keep seeing skinny Marie on TV, but I already tried prepared food diets and the problem is even if they work you can't eat that stuff forever you would go crazy, and is it just me, I end up putting on even more weight when I go back to real food? And remember that French People Are Thin book?

    Supposedly, they only eat whole foods, nothing processed, and Nutrisystem looks to be all processed, how healthy is that? Tired of being overweight, tired of diets, plus the food is not at all cheap even if you get a free week, and besides you still need to buy fruit and stuff, gonna add up.

    I saw a post about something called NuLean which is just a liquid meal replacement, not expensive, you eat normal food but it works because it detoxes out all the garbage, has anyone had any success with that???

    They even make it sound like you will drop weight fast, I'd really like know, check it out
  • fatloss88
    What is the Venus Factor?

    VF is a weight reduction plan designed specifically for women. It works in harmony with the body of the woman, maintaining an equilibrium level of leptin (a protein hormone), which regulates appetite.

    It uses a combination of a reduction diet called "inverted cone protocol" and exercise. Weight loss can be achieved with only food, but exercise the fat loss process will accelerate and give more shape your muscles, not to lose again, but the tone.
  • redwanchaybi
    Attention Men & Women Who Are Struggling To Lose At Least 5 lbs...
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