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started by casusbubble on 26 Oct 17
  • casusbubble
    Our reasons the practice of classical yoga; an inner side, the West, unfortunately, mostly Yoga and physical culture of the movement see it as a physical occupation, on the outside, the shell that remains.

    However, the real essence is reserved for the internal benefits. As we have seen, this fact is little known.

    Carrying a mystical meaning of Yoga in the Far East, slowly the yogis elected, deserving, share with students thanks to the ethics and values of everyday life has entered almost everywhere in the world.
    In fact, this ancient doctrine, namely, of classical yoga physical, mental, emotional and spiritual holistic is one of the rare teachings. Applications that expose people to their own potential method.

    The health of the individual, peace and happiness exercises dealing with body, mind, breath, and awareness is a discipline that combines very special.

    In other words, classical yoga, and the person purifies the body and mind is the practice of accessing the true nature of the Union.

    Classical yoga as a religious phenomenon, a political movement or belief. All cultures, faiths, Nations so, basically, humanity, and are respectful to nature. Because among the most important values of nonviolence (ahimsa) so affectionate.

    For this reason, people with high compassion which is the motives, cultivates cooperation and peace.
    Given labor if applied in a disciplined way, classical Yoga, uncovering the positive attributes and shortcomings of people to reduce power.

    Of all ages our classes classic Yoga participation takes place. Yoga experience is not needed.
    The students in this study primarily to become aware of their own power and learns the limits of her abilities. Classic yoga classes in hasty, instead of being at the forefront of the integrity of our work. The process of development of each student is different, the important thing is that the person be patient and know yourself, know your body and know what they want and develop accordingly.

    The aims of classical yoga; spiritual, physical and mental achieve happiness, body, mind and spirit to create a natural balance in the dynamic power of the mind, arising from the fast pace of modern life is slowly reviving the body and away from negative thoughts.

    Classic yoga classes, laugh mert extraordinary experiences and Yoga Burn Reviews, chats, starting with meditative practices, physical exercise, relaxation and breathing techniques as a whole is submitted.

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