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Chiki Smith

This Book Offers Great Relationship Advice - 1 views

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started by Chiki Smith on 14 Sep 11
  • Chiki Smith
    I broke up with my boyfriend of nine months because he cheated on me. All the while I was thinking it was all his fault, that he is just one of those cheating partners who are not contented with one partner. That is, until I read The Handbook of Cheating. This book gives
    relationships advice on how to handle infidelity. It also let me see the two sides of the cheating fence. That is when I realized that it was not all his fault but, I had a part to play in the blame too. So I talked to him and realized that breaking up was not the solution. So we got back together and now I can say I am happy with our relationship because he changed so much. The Handbook of Cheating is really a great help. Get a copy now by visiting

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