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Rejeana Morrise

History of Jeans | Fashion Designer Jeans: History Of Blue Jeans - 2 views

    'Denim' is the modern replica of French serge de Nîmes, a 17th century twill-weave fabric made in Nîmes. Fustian Another European fabric. It is made from a cotton, linen and/or wool blend. Before blue jeans was considered blue jeans, it was known as 'jean' after Genoans, sailors from Italy, wore it. It was in 18th century when jeans was made entirely from cotton, through the slave labour, trade and and massive develpoment of cotton plantations and Frech tailors. It was valued for its durability. Indigo blue, extracted from plants in the Americas and India, became a familiar colour for workwear.\n\n1872: "It started in a letter". It started in 1872 when Jacob Davis gave send an letter Levi Strauss, Jacob Davis was then making riveted clothing for miners in the Reno area. Mr. Jacob Davis had no money to file for a patent and offered Levi Strauss a deal if he would pay for the patent. Levi Strauss, overwhelmed enough, began to make copper-riveted 'waist overalls', and so jeans virus spread widely in Reno and from there, to the whole world.\n\n1886: "Levi's Generation". In 1886, Levi's 'Two Horse Brand' leather patch, showing the garment pulled between two horses to prove its strength, was first used. By 1890 lot-numbers were being used for Levi products: 501 was assigned to copper-riveted overalls.
Rejeana Morrise

History of Fashion - 9 views

    If you have any intelligence about the history where fashion existed. There is a line there that indicates how to choose jeans that will fit your physique. Here are some of them Looking for the right size. At first you will find it hard to find your size. It will ask for large amount of effort from you. You have to know your hips and waist line. You have to know it as accurate as possible. Next, go to the nearest fashion store and look for one. Don't hesitate to ask for the seller's help. They know where exactly is the jeans you are looking for -(it will become easier it you do this.). Don't do the mistake of buying a smaller size than yours just because you think it will make you look slim. That is just an illusion and doesn't really make you look slim, but makes you look stuffed! Know the Right Cuts The right kind of cut goes a long way to ensure that you have a good pair of comfortable jeans. To find this out, hold the jeans in front of you and just check the curve running from the thigh to the leg. If it's too curvy, consider buying another pair. Also, try out the jeans before you buy it. Some cuts may look perfect, but may not really fit you. Jeans with the perfect cut should be comfortable at the thigh, not mold itself tightly. Try sitting and walking around in the store to ensure that the jeans don't feel tight or too loose. Choose what brand fits your personality. Make a list. Make a list of brands or stores that are known for selling the right kind of jeans. Ask your friends, colleagues at work and neighbors for ideas. There are instances that decent store has a good collection of jeans while branded stores even though have a artistic/stylish set of fashion jeans, but nothing that really fits your style, it does not appeal to you well. Jeans and Your Age. You should note this. Rejeana is now 30 years old ans she want's to look 20, atleast fake 20. Do you think she can manage it? I don't think so. Let's face it. Your body isn't wha
    You post is very interesting to read. thanks ..

Origin of "Cup Cakes - 0 views


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started by bookthecake on 24 May 15 no follow-up yet
Jerod Billings

Museum Wedding Venues: There's no Short Supply in NYC - 0 views

    Your wedding will surely have the unique excitement and thrill that you deserve by choosing one of the favorite venues in NYC. The first being The American Museum of Natural History, and the second being The Ellis Island Immigration Museum.
Dream Wedding Card

Make Your Valentine Feel Special with Beautiful Online Wedding Cards - See more at: htt... - 0 views

    February is the month of romance, love, chocolates, kisses and weddings. Valentine week has already begun and couples start to celebrate it to express their love towards each other. The history of Valentine's Day reveals that it was started by Saint Valentines. It is said that Saint was jailed for performing weddings for those soldiers who were not allowed to marry.

Chernobyl-What makes it a must watch? - Gossip Ki Galliyan - 0 views

    HBO's latest offering 'Chernobyl'has grabbed a lot of attention in the last few days since it was released. This mini-series, co-starring Jared Harris, Emily Watson and StellanSkarsgard, is a very grave picturization of one of the worst human disasters in modern history. Written by Craig Mazin (of "The Hangover" Parts II and III fame) and directed by Johan Renck, this five-episode series brings back to life the tragic event of 1986 in erstwhile USSR and does not shy away from showing the horrors committed during that time. It gives the audience a glimpse of the events before, during and after the nuclear explosion, ill effects of which can be seen in Europe till date.
Sheridan Grey

Perfect Collectible Jade(玉石) - 1 views

As a connoisseur of fine things, I always searched for the perfect and genuine art works that I can collect. Lately, I have been fascinated by the beauty and history of jade. I know for a fact that...

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Pulimoottil Silks

Pulimoottil Silks - Saree, nine yard piece of cloth, popular attire in India, draping a... - 1 views

    The Saree has a glorious tradition that dates as far back as the history of the Indian Sub-continent. Historical Research amply establishes the practice of weaving and the use of unstitched fabrics by the people belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. The evolution of Saree finds links with the year old practices in the early civilizations of the regions.
misskitcat Bennett Blog » Blog Archive » How old is she and what's her bride price? - 1 views

    Roman weddings vs. modern American much has really changed.
Sheridan Grey

Crazy for High-end Jadeite (翡翠手镯) Bangles - 1 views

I am always been fascinated by the rich history of jade, its culture and the numerous benefits it offers. So I am constantly on the search to find the genuine and high-quality jade bangles that is ...

jewelry jade buy jadeite

started by Sheridan Grey on 03 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
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