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Wallis Tavern

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started by Wallis Tavern on 07 Oct 13
  • Wallis Tavern
    I was really happy that I made it to my friend's wedding last week. Of course, Sally looked more beautiful in her wedding gown and her husband John looked equally good as well. But what really impressed me and the rest of the guests more was their wedding venue. It has a very lovely garden that makes it a perfect venue to express true love. Indeed, it was the best wedding venues in Adelaide Hills. I was so fascinated with the place that I told my boyfriend we will also have our wedding next year at Wallis Auchendarroch House and Tavern.

    Try visiting this place to see its great beauty! Call wedding venues Adelaide Hills - Wallis Auchendarroch House and Tavern at 08 8391 6100 or email us at or visit

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