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Vikash Kumar

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Discount Diamond Bracelets Bridal Jewelry

started by Vikash Kumar on 06 May 15
  • Vikash Kumar

    Are you looking for magnificent bridal jewelry options? Do you want something elegant and subtle
    to match with your minimal accessory concept? We would suggest looking
    for diamond bracelets - classic or modern, choice is yours.

    Wrist accessories like bracelets, bangles and cuffs are everlasting accessory to make your ensemble.

    On your wedding,
    you definitely want to look special. Choosing pieces that enrich your
    wedding day look without stealing the limelight are therefore very
    important. It is even an unsaid rule to pick fewer jewelry pieces for
    your bridal look. If you are wearing necklace, wear petite earrings or
    completely avoid them. Similarly, you can wear a bracelet instead of a
    necklace for the required amount of brilliance and sparkle.

    numerous gemstones studded in eye-catching design, a bracelet is one of
    the best ways to make a look extra special instantly. From simple to
    extraordinary, you could find an array of designs and styles to choose.
    However, a tennis bracelet is the classic choice that stays forever.

    Tennis Bracelet
    the term evokes curiosity, then you would be interested in the story
    that given our classic eternity bracelets this unique name. The term
    'tennis bracelet' came to existence only after the famous tennis player
    Chris Evert's
    diamond bracelet dropped on the court during a match and the match was
    put on hold for a while to collect the diamonds. The entire event was
    televised and since then people became more interested in this fabulous

    Today, a diamond tennis
    bracelet is an essential part of every woman's jewelry collection. Many
    jewelry lovers could even have multiple pieces. This simply constructed
    yet elegant bling also makes a timeless gift to treasure any occasion.

    How to Buy Tennis Bracelet
    classic piece typically has a series of diamonds or gemstones set in
    precious metal. These are also called inline or eternity bracelets as
    they show continuity. When you are buying a classic bracelet, there are
    certain things to look for:

    Bracelet Setting
    sure you choose a setting that suits your wearing needs. If you will
    going to wear the piece more frequently and you have an active
    lifestyles, choose bezel or prong setting. These are considered more
    secure settings for bracelets. Channel is another very popular bracelet
    setting, and it offers a remarkable floating view of gemstones.

    is your personal preference. However, it is always advisable to choose
    precious metal like gold or platinum to ensure lasting glow. In
    addition, these enduring metals hold gemstones more firmly, reducing
    chances of them falling out.

    Stone Quality and Uniformity
    stones in your bracelets should have same quality. They should
    perfectly match with each other for a even tone and brilliance. If your
    stones were not uniform in quality, your piece would show patch of
    dullness and brightness. This will significantly fade the beauty and
    reduce the value of our piece. Remember, you bracelet has several
    accents combined for a radiant look. Therefore, all stones should have
    same look and brilliance.

    Additional Details
    security of your bracelet is important. Whatever lock a bracelet has,
    it should be safe so that your piece won't fall off your wrist. Proper
    fitting is also important. Your bracelet should not be too long or too
    short. It should have smoother hinges and joints so that it won't break.

    Where to Buy
    You can look at your nearest local jewelry store or try online at stores such as
    There are infinite designs to choose. So before you shop, decide which
    style is yours. Do you want a bracelet with one strand or multiple
    strands? Do you want an all diamond piece or a diamond and gemstone
    bracelet? Options are many and you should consider your wedding dress
    and theme to match with your accessory. Buying online will have a
    privilege of a large catalogue where you can compare different pieces from different stores at same time.

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